Sep 28, 2021


If you do not wish to use iTunes to upgrade or downgrade iOS on your devices for some reason, 3uTools is one of the alternatives.

Before starting the upgrade / downgrade, backup all the data on your device. Once done, proceed with the below steps:

1. Download & install 3uTools

2. Turn OFF Find My iPhone

3. Connect device to PC

4. Launch the 3uTools on your PC

5. Navigate to Smart Flash and select Easy Flash / iTunes Flash

6. Click Download or Import if you already have the firmware on your PC

7. Select Retain User's Data, Quick Flash Mode or Anti-Recovery Flash


 Quick Flash Mode 

This mode is suitable for maintenance staff, sales clerk and ordinary users to achieve these goals: update iOS version quickly; clear user data, restore to factory state or try to repair iOS version.


 Retain User’s Data 

This mode is only used to update the iOS version or try to repair the iOS version. All installed applications and user data in the iDevice will be preserved.


 Anti-Recovery Flash 

This mode is suitable for people who want to sell their own iDevice or want to destroy the private data inside the iDevice. Because each memory unit of the hard disk chip in the iDevice need to be formatted, the flashing speed will be very slow and take up to several hours.


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