Sep 30, 2021


“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”  Buddha


Three parts of the mind

When discussing the mind, there are three basic areas to consider: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind.

Conscious all of the things that you are currently aware of and thinking about

For example, when we are thinking about what we are going to eat

Subconscious – the autopilot mode

For example, breathing, heartbeats

Superconscious also known as the higher self and spiritual eye

For example, intuition


They who can optimize all three parts will achieve their biggest dreams.

Sep 28, 2021


If you do not wish to use iTunes to upgrade or downgrade iOS on your devices for some reason, 3uTools is one of the alternatives.

Before starting the upgrade / downgrade, backup all the data on your device. Once done, proceed with the below steps:

1. Download & install 3uTools

2. Turn OFF Find My iPhone

3. Connect device to PC

4. Launch the 3uTools on your PC

5. Navigate to Smart Flash and select Easy Flash / iTunes Flash

6. Click Download or Import if you already have the firmware on your PC

7. Select Retain User's Data, Quick Flash Mode or Anti-Recovery Flash


 Quick Flash Mode 

This mode is suitable for maintenance staff, sales clerk and ordinary users to achieve these goals: update iOS version quickly; clear user data, restore to factory state or try to repair iOS version.


 Retain User’s Data 

This mode is only used to update the iOS version or try to repair the iOS version. All installed applications and user data in the iDevice will be preserved.


 Anti-Recovery Flash 

This mode is suitable for people who want to sell their own iDevice or want to destroy the private data inside the iDevice. Because each memory unit of the hard disk chip in the iDevice need to be formatted, the flashing speed will be very slow and take up to several hours.



Samsung phones are some of the few phones that can be easily flashed with an older version of the operating system. All you need is access to a computer and you can get your device downgraded.

Before starting the downgrade, backup all the data on your device. Once done, proceed with the below steps:

1. Download & install Samsung USB Driver

2. Download & extract Odin

3. Download & extract firmware

4. Boot device to Download Mode (Power OFF device - press & hold volume up + volume down while connecting the device to PC - press volume up)

5. Launch the Odin Tool on your PC. The ID COM section should be highlighted and should display a port number as well (This signifies that the tool was able to recognize your device)

6. Load the BL, AP, CP, and CSC files to Odin

7. Navigate to Options and check Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time

8. Hit the Start button and wait for the process to complete (PASS)


May 14, 2021


In the past, I often confuse, I can't distinguish the voice of my heart from the voice of my thoughts. Until I finally figured out how to tell the difference between the two.



The heart gives, the mind wants

I have found that when I give more, it is the voice of the heart, but when I want more, it is the voice of the mind. The fact that my heart has never wanted anything, it is my mind that always wants something.



The heart listens, the mind speaks

When I listen, I open my heart. When I speak, I open my mind.



The heart spontaneous, the mind plans

The heart doesn't have agenda & strategy, but it's clear (not blind). The mind has agenda & strategy, but it's not always clear (hidden).



The heart is warm, the mind is cool

The heart brings out warm feeling. The mind brings out cool atmosphere.



The heart care, the mind worry

When I do things because I care, it comes from the heart. When I do things because I worry, it comes from the mind.

Jan 4, 2021


For many people, happiness has become their goal/purpose in life.
Finding happiness has been everyone's struggle.

To be honest, I don't think anyone has actually found it, which is why we associate happiness with things like success, partner/spouse, children, wealth, health, beauty, etc. Because we will be happier when we are successful, we can be with our loved ones, we can buy whatever we want, we are strong and healthy, we are good looking.. (than when we fail, alone, poor, weak, ugly..).

But how many people in this world are successful? How long can our loved ones be with us? Even the richest people on the planet couldn't buy anything they wanted. How many people have never been weak and sick? Can we always be handsome/beautiful?

When someone associate happiness with temporary things, his/her happiness is also temporary. This means that in the end, his/her goal/purpose in life will never be achieved. Because our life is also temporary, so it can never be the true goal/purpose, we are not the center. If someone associate his/her goal/purpose with him/her self, there will be no goal/purpose after he/she dies. One's happiness is not the true goal/purpose.



If we are unhappy, it doesn't mean our life has failed.

If we are happy because of temporary things, remember they are only temporary.



There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there fo...