Jan 21, 2020


It is believed by many to be a universal law by which “Like always attracts like.” The results of positive thoughts are always positive consequences. The same holds true for negative thoughts, always leading to bad outcomes.

Reality check:
1. Two magnets will be attracted by their opposite poles.
2. Most electric charge is carried by the electrons and protons within an atom. Electrons are said to carry negative charge, while protons are said to carry positive charge.
3. In Taoism, a Chinese philosophy, there are two fundamental principles: one negative, passive, earthy, dark, cold, wet, and feminine (yin) and the other positive, bright, heavenly, active, dry, hot and masculine (yang). Yin and yang complement each other perfectly and are the balance of intellect and emotions.

Life is not perfect. It can be great, fantastic, amazing, incredible, even optimal. But perfect? Won’t happen. What’s the problem with this way of thinking? Why not expect perfection? Fantasizing and striving for perfect makes you feel better in the short term but actually reduces your chance of attaining your goals and results in more unhappiness and blaming. If you are only going to be satisfied with perfect results – perfect health, perfect body, perfect family, perfect marriage, perfect friendships, perfect kids, perfect house, perfect job, perfect life; you are in for a perfect disappointment.

The Positive Power of Negative Thinking:
1. Negative thinking could save a life.
2. Negative thinking helps you envision the worst thing that can happen—and often prevent it.
3. Negative thinking helps you set boundaries.
4. Negative thinking saves you money and time.
5. Negative thinking helps you avoid scammers and other criminals.
6. Negative thinking slows down your decision-making, allowing you to make more thoughtful choices.
7. Negative thinking helps you look at yourself and others more realistically.
8. Negative thinking can give you a healthy skepticism towards authority figures.
9. Negative thinking helps you notice injustice and motivates you to make changes.

Consider using the power of negative thinking. It can help you protect your life and health by saving you time, trouble, and money, and by sorting out the good people from those who might take advantage of your caring nature. While positive emotions such as gratitude, happiness, and love make life worth living, a dash of negativity can be a helpful spice in the recipe for a good life. So accentuate the positive, but don’t eliminate the negative.


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