Jul 17, 2018


When people try to search online for make money option, one of the most common way they come across is GPT sites that provides ways to make money by completing surveys, offers and tasks.

And if you try to find list of GPT sites (Get Paid To Sites), you will get hundreds or even thousands of GPT sites who claims that you can make good income from survey sites.
But do you know there are only few GPT sites which are legit. ySense is one of them.
So if you are looking for extra income opportunity, you need to add ySense in your list because it takes not more than 10-20 minutes of your daily time.
So before you signup and start making money from ySense, I want to give you some ideas & review how exactly you can make money from GPT sites & how you can multiply your income using some simple tips & tricks.
First thing you need to do is signup ySense from this link. After signup, you will receive a validation link from ySense.
Once you click the validation link, ySense will ask you to login to your account. After you login, it will ask you to add some more details in  your profile like address, phone, avatar (add your image) & most important is payment method.
Also you get extra bonus for your login with ySense. You will be automatically enrolled to ySenseResearch.comLearn more about this at the bottom of the article.
There are 3 methods of to receive your payment, i.e. Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller.
Payoneer is one of the most popular way to receive the payment. So I will suggest you to join Payoneer and then choose Payoneer as the payment method in ySense. You can connect your Payoneer account from the option given there.
If you are new to Payoneer and don’t have any idea of this payment system then check this link to join.
After adding all the account details in ySense, click “Update” button and it will take you to their main page where you can start earning money.
You can refer the image below to understand more clearly.

You can see there are number of ways in ySense to make money. I will explain you each of the method so that you can make a big income from ySense. Your income will be slow for the first 6 months and after that you will be able to make better income.

1. By Completing Paid Surveys in ySense

Paid Surveys are the main income option in ySense. Everyday you will find new paid surveys in your ySense account. You have to complete each and every survey after login to your ySense account to earn good income in ySense.
You will find 2 types of paid surveys in ySense. First one is Survey Invites and second is Daily Survey Routers.


In order to receive maximum surveys, you need to complete your Survey Profile that you can find at the top left once you click the Paid Surveys option in your dashboard as shown above.
You need to give accurate information about your age, education, jobs, family, hobbies, preferences etc. so that you will receive surveys according to your profile and interest.
Each of the survey in Survey Invites pay you minimum $0.25 to $2 or even more according to the time spent to complete a survey. Most surveys pay instantly if you qualify except those marked with a red flag as shown in the image. You will receive payment from red flag surveys in about 30 days after completion.
You can click only once on the surveys available here.
You need to login to your account daily and complete each and every surveys in order to earn good amount. Sometime, surveys are rejected if you don’t qualify or if your profile is not suitable with that survey.
So don’t worry about any disqualification. Just complete each and every survey you will be qualified for and earn good income with this job.


Daily survey routers are surveys where you can attempt surveys unlimited times per day. Some may allow you to take the survey only once per day, while others may have higher limit. Recommended is to keep on checking multiple times at different hours to check for available surveys.

2. By completing different offers

You can also earn in ySense by completing different types of offers. These offers are available from different types of websites. E.g. you will get paid for signup on different sites, you can earn by downloading useful apps on your mobile or similar types of offers.
There are around 9 different types of offers from 9 different companies through which you can earn yCents. These yCents will be converted to equivalent amount of dollars.
Anytime when you login to your ySense account, you can find number of offers from these companies. You can check the offers, understand what it wants you to do and complete the offer to get paid.

3. By completing ySense tasks

Another way to earn money in ySense is by completing the tasks. When you click on the ‘Task” link on the top, you will find number of different tasks provided by Figure Eight, a crowdsourcing service that enables you to work on small tasks giving the opportunity to earn some extra cash.
When you click on any of the task or job given there, it will ask you to signup at ‘Figure Eight’ site. You can then complete all the tasks provided by this company in ySense.
You can complete the tasks that you like the most and complete them as per the instructions. There is no limit on how many tasks you can complete.
You can go to the bottom of the Task page to find ‘Top Task Workers’.

4. Through Affiliate Program

This is another great option for making money. You can earn unlimited income with the affiliate program provided by ySense.
You will get lifetime income from every person that you refer in ySense.
You will earn 3 different types of income from each of the person you refer in ySense.
  1. Up to $0.3 instant income for every referral
  2. $2 bonus when each of your referral earn $5.
  3. For every approved Survey, Offer and Task your referrals complete you earn 30% commission.
Suppose you referred 20 people and each of your referral earn $50 monthly from surveys, offers and tasks then your monthly earning will be $50 x (30/100)=$15×20 (referral)=$300.
You can find your affiliate link in the “Account Details” section.
So above are the ways, you can earn money from ySense.
Here are some of the tips that you can use to grow your income in ySense.
  1. Login to your ySense account twice daily and check for available surveys, offers & tasks.
  2. Refer at least 1 person a day and explain him/her about the various earning methods in ySense.
  3. Download the yAddon for your browser so that you will be instantly notified whenever there is any survey, offers or task available.
I am sure, you will be able to earn minimum $500 per month within next 6 months if you work consistently in ySense.
So join ySense and start earning a better income online.

Jul 8, 2018


These can be achieved with careful and long-term manipulation of many factors that Google uses when ranking relevancy. For example:

  • Quality and Length of Your Page Content - Your website's pages should be full of unique and useful information that will benefit your ideal customer or client. The longer the better, as long as it is high quality.
  • Quality and Number of Inbound Links - If other sites are linking to yours, especially big important sites that have content relating to yours, then Google will rank your site higher.
  • Mobile Friendly Website - Your site should be optimized for mobile devices and easy to navigate so users on any device can find what they need fast.
  • Page Speed - Your web pages should load fast on all devices. Slow loading web pages could negatively affect your ranking on Google.
  • Keywords in Page Content - Obviously, if the keywords you are targeting actually appear on your site in the text and titles of the pages, you will rank better for those keywords.
  • Authority of Domain Name - The longer you've owned the domain, the better. Also, include keywords in your domain name if you can.
  • Secure Pages - Your web pages should load via https so they are secure. Google, and regular humans, like to see secure pages, even if you're not processing credit cards or obtaining personal information.
  • URL Structure - Human readable URL's are better (http://wangbox.net/index.html is better than http://wangbox.net/index.php&id=a14728931w229199p12844286).


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